Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I’m taking off for Bogota! Leaving the house around 6 pm, have to get everything in order before I go, make sure I don’t take anything I don’t need and don’t leave anything I need, pay any bills that need paying before I go, etc.

I just got off the phone with the IRS after an hour and seventeen minutes of mostly hold music. They have an incredibly soothing hold music loop, great for packing by, but it started to get old at the one hour mark. Anyway, one less worry to take on my trip.


Yesterday I finally had time for pre-trip shopping.

  • Local craft store: local crafty present for soon-to-be-ex-DIL (we are still friends)
  • Target: flip flops and Moleskine notebooks (Target has Moleskine?!)
  • REI: went in for trip clothes, couldn’t bring self to buy another lightweight rain jacket if I didn’t know for sure whether the Costco one would work, left with socks, packing cubes, and an RFID-protection wallet and passport holder (all paid for with dividend; I have an REI credit card and spent a shitload on it last year, and still have enough left for a fancy rain jacket if I want one later)

Next up:

  • Simultaneously list what I need to bring and pack it
  • Shower
  • Send invoices for 3 or 4 jobs finished in the last couple of weeks
  • Figure out if I need to pay any bills/do any correspondence before leaving
  • If I have time: haircut, polish shoes, sew button on a pair of pants I want to bring, get the kitchen a little cleaner for Cronyboy

What am I forgetting?

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