This morning I was planning on laying out a leftovers challenge on groupthink. It’s a simple challenge - barring illness or emergency, who wants to commit to not throwing away leftovers for a month?

It pisses me off when I throw away food. I spent money buying it and time and money preparing it. Also, given the food insecurity and poverty issues at home and abroad, it’s relevant to focus on preventing waste. Especially when waste is caused by basically saying, “welp, throwing this away because I decided to go to Taco Bell three nights ago.”

So, I had one meal’s worth of leftovers from last week — a beef and broccoli stir fry. I was going to eat it for lunch, congratulating myself on a job well done (I had finished off my other leftovers for dinner last night).

I ate it for lunch as planned. I will admit the second to last bite tasted a little off, but it was basically a couple of ounces of round steak, broccoli slaw, carrots, celery, and cabbage. And sometimes cabbage can have that funky flavor.

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddd then I spent the next few hours off and on sitting on the commode, regretting that choice. I’m fine now. It’s clearly not food poisoning, just the food having spoiled.


Now that I’ve experienced exactly why it’s better to eat your leftovers on a tidy schedule (I did eat out a few times last week instead of eating the leftovers in my fridge), I still want to do a leftovers challenge. If people are interested, let me know. The basic plan would be to post one day a week about successes and silliness. As well as enjoying saving money and time by not having to cook or prep as often.