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Leftovers Challenge Post, wk 2 (a day late, sorry!)

Hey everybody! How’s your week going? Are you eating all your leftovers or going “Fuck it! I’m getting pizza.”

So I made a savory beef roast at the back end of last week. Have since shredded some of the beef and made yummy tacos, and then also chopped some of the beef for a potato-beefy hash for breakfast for dinner.

I’m rocking my way through a rotisserie chicken, too. My weekend was busy, so rather than try to cook I bought ye olde rotisserie chicken and have been making salads and chicken salad (as well as just standing over the sink nomming on it).


In other news, I am almost through that head of cabbage I was whining about earlier this week. I made a slaw. I’ve never made one from scratch before. While chopping the cabbage really fine was no big deal, shredding carrots was a pain in the ass. NEVER AGAIN. Okay, probably next week. But not again this week.

How’s everyone else’s endeavors going? Success? Really sick of something?

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