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Legal advice - contract adjunct stuff

One of my many jobs is an adjunct prof in Canada.

Semesters are 15 weeks long, 14 of classes, 1 week of exams.

back in 2010-ish my school stopped paying contract faculty to work the exam week, week 15. This happened once and after that I was given a second contract for less money to work every exam week until now. I’d had no reason to think they wouldn’t pay me as the exam week contract has always arrived. It was a given that I’d get paid for week 15.


This year they’ve decided to only give me the contract for 3/4 of classes. They did not inform me in advance. They did not tell me when I signed my contract for 14 weeks that I would not get the contract for the 15 weeks. As I have been paid for week 15 for 6 years, I in good faith signed.

I was on schedule to be paid for one of them, and then I was removed.

I pointed out what I thought was mistake and was told it was a change of policy and they are discontinuing paying my department. Apparently y department had a special exception to be paid for that week (aka my now retired boss probably raised hell when they refused to pay us), and the other department I worked for did not have this clause. I was paid the previous term for this non-special department, and nothing was given to me to tell me I would not receive pay. Nothing was given to me to tell that the other department had different rules about pay. I signed the same contract for both departments, as they are both in the same school.

Even though I am a contract worker, I don’t think it’s legal to remove pay without telling me before I sign my contract.

I also don’t think I should be expected to grade exams for free. They told me it was my professional responsibility to grade final exams off contract.


I understand that pressing this issue means i will not get hired back.

What exactly do you do about this, when it’s been implied for years you’ll get a contract and then it doesn’t show up?

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