Oh wise GT, I need your help. Manstrophy and I signed a year long lease last April, which is coming to a close at the end of the month. Our apartment complex offers 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month lease options in addition to a year, but they're vastly more expensive than the rent we're barely able to make now.

I got a phone call from the leasing office yesterday asking if we were planning on renewing our lease. They've left us 3-4 notes on our door about renewing, if we want. We had already decided not to. This VERY rude lady on the phone said we had to give them 60 days notice if we were moving out or else they'd move us to a month to month lease automatically. She said they gave us a notice at the end of February (1 week before the "60 days"), but they didn't. I promise you they didn't. They said they just left it on our door, and I know for a fact the notes they leave on our doors often get lost/fall off/etc.

My questions are:

1. Can they legally sign us to a new lease without our permission? We signed a year long lease, terminating April 26th. Can they legally require us to stay month to month for 60 days from now?

2. What are my options? The month to month lease is $600 more than our lease now. I didn't sleep last night because of the panic attacks about what to do. There's no fucking way we can even afford that. My contract is terminating mid-May, so I'm losing half my income then.


I welcome all and any advice. I seriously have been near tears since yesterday, unable to focus on anything. It's possible that this is part of our lease, but we can't seem to find a copy of our lease anywhere. There's supposed to be a copy on our online "resident portal" but it's just text saying "Lease", no link. This place is horrible, GT. There was a shooting in our parking lot and they didn't inform us. Our next door neighbor was assaulted and then DIED, they didn't tell us. Our door code was "1234" for 10 months despite us complaining about unsafe that was. I just want out. I want to get away from this place!