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Lelo Ina Wave: A Very Sexy Lobster Claw

NSFW, obviously. Don't read my reviews of sex toys at work.

So like I posted yesterday, I received my semi surprise package from Lelo; for those of you not up to date I reviewed the Ora 2 after I purchased it, and was offered this one free in exchange for a review. It's a good thing I was doing my anticipating puppy dance waiting for the UPS delivery truck for my lights, or I probably wouldn't have seen it for a few days. Dang UPS guy, the buzzer is not broken if you actually try to use it!


I had no idea what to expect because the box was HUGE and it had a handle on it. I honestly thought I was getting some kind of random gift basket by accident until I saw the orange sticker on the outside for what it was. Then I tore into it and got bubble wrap pretty much everywhere. Good timing though, I needed packaging supplies because my Ora 2 kind of crapped out on me when the nub stopped working, so now I need to send it back for a replacement.

SFW Sexy Lobster filter


So aside from mountains of bubble wrap, this was what was inside: A brand new Lelo Ina Wave, a Crushed Berry Fusion candle, and a coffee table book about the history of the company. The book is actually really gorgeous and fun to flip through and I would have been pretty happy with just getting that. Fun fact I learned from the book: the smooth silicone texture they get is by putting the mold through a rumbler, which is basically the spin cycle on a washing machine except also filled with rocks. They also used the word "tenderize" to explain the smoothing process which, weird, but ok. I don't know if the book is for retail sale, but if you see it in a store it's definitely worth flipping through for the beautiful pictures alone.


The candle is a cute and the logo isn't too obtrusive, and it smells like a red Starburst. I only lit it for a few minutes to see how it smelled, and I needed a change up from the giant apple cinnamon one I've been using during my house cleaning excursion. Nothing too significant to say about a candle, unless you're this lady:


The Ina Wave box itself came with your standard set up; the instruction booklet, a sampler of lube, the charger - the Ina Wave comes with a plug in charger as opposed to the USB one (I actually prefer regular plug in chargers), your warranty registration card, and the black satin satchel for your toy. So like with any other electronic item you need to plug it in for a couple of hours to charge. What I didn't know was that the logo actually blinks and glows at you to tell you it's charging.


The product itself is all covered in that super smooth, tenderized in a spin cycle silicone. The button in the middle is the on/off switch and it cycles through 10 modes. There wasn't a demo drawing in this instruction booklet like there was with the Ora 2, but it's probably a little more difficult to draw "wiggly lobster claw mode" than a few wavy lines. Though I did find an interesting warning in the booklet. Am I alone in not being aware of the connection of blood clots to sex toys?


So now lets get into the actual working product. Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe kept talking about how Ross is Rachel's lobster and then she'd make cute little lobster claws with her hands? Well, that's honestly all I could think about when I first turned on the dual arm action on the Ina Wave. Here it is running through most of the cycles at random, and if you listen closely enough you'll hear my dog get a little concerned about the noise it's making. Poor puppy, he puts up with me doing weird stuff all the time.

What I missed when I made that first video was the demo of both arms vibrating and the wave going at the same time, which was kind of like imagining one of those wacky waving inflatable tube guys stuck up inside you and still dancing.

Just for the hell of it, here it is close up so you get a real sense of just how intense that clitoral stimulating arm is. Also, this thing is not quiet. I think I read in another review somewhere else that someone called it quiet? Maybe we have different ideas of what connotates quietness, but to me this ain't it.

As for the experience with the product itself, I think this actually compensates a lot for ways the Ora was lacking in clitoral stimulation. Not just in the insanely powerful arm, but the waving motion actually feels kind of like thrusting when only used externally. Internally was quite an interesting new experience for me. The g spot has never been a button of mine that's been a focus on pushing, but now I know. I know what I have been missing. I couldn't put up with it for too long though (thanks, vaginismus), but I can definitely see the appeal here.


The wave motion is really fun, although it is a little awkward to get used to at first so maybe start in the off mode before inserting or it will be kind of scary. The vibrations on this one are really intense for both people into buzzy things and rumbly things. The clitoral arm definitely isn't for everyone, so it's good that this came out in conjunction with the Mona Wave. The lobster claw mode with everything going on at once was a little much for me, but I'm also an amateur sex toy reviewer.

Oh, and before I forget, Lelo has a sex survey going on right now, and if you fill it out you get 20% off your purchase! And for the hell of it, here's something Lelo calls the World Cup of Sex, with statistics for multiple countries. I'm a stats nerd, the numbers are pretty fascinating.


I don't make any money off of this unless you count sex toys and candles as money. But that's kind of like getting paid in socks - really cool but my landlord would not be happy with me giving them warm, dry feet in exchange for rent.

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