So as many of you know, I just ordered the Lelo Ora 2, the follow up to the original Lelo Ora which had less than stellar reviews. And at the request of a few of you, I'm finally getting around to writing a review.

So the order I got from Lelo was actually during one of their holiday sales, where any purchase over $50 would come with free water based lube. I was expecting it to be a small sample sized bottle, but this is actually a decent size. There isn't anything too spectacular to say about it, thought I will guarantee that it will not stain your sheets. I learned this the hard way because when I opened it up, I was sitting on my bed and held on to the tube a little too tightly, causing the thing to go off like a slippery volcano. Yep, I ended up with a nice big wet spot on the bed and the toy was still in the box.


You can already tell from the side in the box that the nub on this one was noticeably bigger than the one on the Ora 1, so it started out promising. The box to the right contained all of the additional paperwork including an instruction manual and a warranty registry card, as well as the 2' USB charger for the toy. I would have liked if it came with an outlet to plug the USB charger into, but it wasn't too big a deal to swap out the cord for one of my other bedside electronics for a little while (my Kindle) so that this could charge up.


The toy itself is a decent size, here it is next to my 13" Chromebook for scale. It's not as big as some reviewers were making it out to be, but the design of the off center handle does make it a little awkward to hold. The texture is what you would come to expect of a luxury toy, it's super smooth velvety silicone. The whole thing is waterproof, so it's very easy to wash, but be sure to use a lint free cloth to dry it because that smooth silicone will pick up even the slightest bit of lint.

Now for the interesting stuff; below are the 10 modes that the Ora 2 can be used in. The annoying part is that if you find a mode that you enjoy, you're gonna have to cycle through the other 9 modes to get to it. Mode 1 is probably too much right off the bat, too many things going on at the same time. Mode 9 is the one where you can actually feel the benefits of both the rotating nub and the vibrations at the same time. As for anything that involves the side to side motion and the vibrating at the same time, don't expect to feel the nub at all. That is just straight up vibrator time.


The rotating nub is ok at best, like a lover completely inept to how the clitoris works at worst. It's slow and circular, and surprisingly I've found it works best if you go completely hands free. Holding it in place or pushing on it takes away from the gentle flicking motion and replaces it with the awkward rolling feeling you get from the massage chairs at Brookstone, but on your vulva.

The side to side motion isn't much more effective, going slightly faster than the circular mode and it still feels a little clumsy. Maybe once they can get this machine to be programmed to write out the letters of the alphabet, it'll be a huge it as an oral sex simulator. Right now, it only knows the letter O and kind of the lower case letter u.

As for the noise, here it is at its loudest setting. It's definitely not whisper quiet, but it's nothing that can't be covered by a blanket. Though I will say it's definitely got a distinct "robot sex" kind of sound to it. As for lasting power, it goes forever. If you read my first post after my receiving the toy, you'll remember I was pretty tired. Well I was so tired that I actually woke up to it, still slowly circling and vibrating it's little heart away, two hours later.

Final thoughts: definitely not a perfect substitute for oral, but it's still pretty enjoyable overall. Based on the luxury label it comes with, I think the price should have topped out at $80, but it's still good enough that I don't plan on returning it.


The Ora 2 retails for $169 from