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Lemme show you all the bridesmaid dresses we got!

Yesterday, we went to get our bridesmaid dresses. The bride wanted us to wear long dresses. I'm not much of a maxi-dress person. I wear short dresses for both everyday-wear and formal events. So I went into this being scared of what we'd choose. But this one is so pretty! I actually really liked it on me. It's simple but still lovely :) Three of us bridesmaids are between a size 0-4 and the other two bridesmaids were between sizes 14-16, so we had to find a dress that would flatter everyone. And this actually looked amazing on all of us! Plus, it's chiffon so it is rather light, which is pretty necessary since the wedding will be in August.

Yay, I'm so excited :) I feared that we would be unable to agree on a dress. In fact, we really had no problem choosing the dress. This was the first of 5 dresses we tried on, and we ended up deciding between this dress and another similar dress that had straps. I'm so glad that we were all really chill about picking out a dress. THANK DA LAWD that we all agreed!


And it's got a little bit of beadwork:

But yay, everything worked out!

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