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Lemon Quarterly - a new writing project I'm part of

Hi all,

I wanted to pass a long a new writing project that I'm part of started by a very dear friend of mine - Lemon Quarterly. It is a quarterly publication of essays, reviews and literature focused around a new topic each issue, all written by women. Most of us aren't in the writing trade - I'm in law school, my friend works in wealth management, other folks involved include economics researchers, neurobiology Ph.D candidates and poets. I wanted to share our first issue with you guys - tackling money and value.


Please let me know what you think, if you have theme suggestions, etc. I'm just contributing, so I don't know the particulars of how comments works over there yet, but feel free to leave your usual thoughtful comments over there as well.

My piece is the review of After My Garden grows, a film I heard about through GT. (I forget who posted it, but a thank you to whoever it was!) I posted back in December when I was brainstorming a piece and folks seemed interested in pieces about parental leave policies, breastfeeding politics and economics, and a couple other things. Those were great suggestions, and I've got a little source material stockpile about them waiting for an issue about Work. Our next issue though is Friendship, and I think I will be writing a personal essay.

I know there is occasionally a self-promotion thread going on that this fits squarely into, but I've got no clue when it is. So let me know if this shameless self-promotion is unwarranted outside of that thread and I'll take this down and wait for one to come around.

Happy Wednesday!

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