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Lena Dunham says "hi!"

I was at a bar with my friends in Brooklyn Heights last night and my friend, let's call her Lucy, and I who are fans, but critical of Girls were explaining our takes on the show to our two other friends who saw a couple episodes of the show, but weren't sold on it. While I addressed some of the common criticisms of the show such as the lack of diversity and the inaccurate representation of mental illness, Lucy who's a writer herself launched into a tirade about how a writer as brilliant as Dunham should've done a better job researching mental illness (e.g., symptoms don't show up out of nowhere like they did with Hannah) before she wrote the final episodes of season 2. Lucy just published a novel a year ago that was incredibly well-researched and is currently working on a sequel and another novel - her tirade about Dunham was equivalent to one you would have about someone who shares your profession, but is failing in certain ways in which you would take careful measures not to fail. Anyway, it was a very intense discussion...

We decided it was time to find something to eat, and one of us decided on Siggy's, which is a quirky little vegetarian/vegan restaurant that was a few blocks away. While we were waiting outside the place for a table, Lucy said something to the effect of "an episode of Girls is totally happening right now" and pointed to a group of people whose conversation was being lead by a 20-something white woman with short brown hair. I'm like "yeah, she totes looks like Hannah," then my friend Lucy was like "dude...that's Lena Dunham" and she was right!

I geeked out and blurted out "HIII!" and my friends were all like "shhhhh...dude...don't...," but Lena was all like "hiii" with a smile on her face, so I went over and shook her hand and said "hi, I'm Cyclist, I'm a relatively new fan...wanted to introduce myself." I'd never met a famous person before and I didn't know how I'd react. Physiologically, it felt like the kind of nervousness I'd feel at a job interview. I wanted to make a good impression while respecting the fact that she had every right to go out to eat by herself while reading a book without being harassed. I asked Lucy whether she thought I annoyed her or anything, and she said "no...you were great, she was great." Overall, I think it was a good interaction on both our parts, especially Lena's. Like we all have "phone voices," she has an "I've been spotted by a fan who's not harassing me, but just wants to meet me" voice.


She definitely has a high-pitched, girly voice that's pretty recognizable. She was wearing a pale blue blouse with polka dots and short sleeves (I used to own one that was very similar), boot-cut jeans, a cross-body purse with a book sticking out of it (I don't remember the title). In other words, she dressed like a typical 20-something living in Brooklyn. Before I interacted with her, she had been addressing a group of people who I'm assuming were also fans of hers. It seems she doesn't mind talking to her fans, but after she was done talking to them, she plopped down on a nearby stoop and was playing with her smartphone - it was at that point when I had my geek-out. Lucy felt as though she had been talking smack about someone and that person heard her, so she didn't feel right introducing herself. She hadn't quite come down from her Girls tirade.

Anyone else have any Lena Dunham sightings? What about other famous people? DISH!

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