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Leonard Nimoy, photographer

In honor of his passing, I'd like to share some of my favorite photographs ever, taken by Leonard Nimoy, who was very much more than an actor (and who multiple times considered quitting acting completely to take photographs).

The first work of his I fell in love with was The Full Body Project, shooting photographs of full figured women. Unlike so many photographers who seem to take the approach of "heh heh let's just focus on how fat they are to make a point or for shock value", his photos are much more along the lines of making lovely photos where the women just happen to be larger. He often reproduced poses from classic works, for instance, as in this favorite photo of mine based on a Matisse work:

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There is joy and life and beauty in these photos - you want to be in them. And because I think they're wonderful, I'd also like to mention that the women in these photographs are part of the Fat Bottom Revue, a dance/burlesque troop in San Francisco.

My other favorite of his collections is called Secret Selves, where he photographed around 100 people whom he told to show up as some sort of hidden aspect of themselves. Some of the stories behind the people posing are beautiful - one of his subjects was a closeted transgendered ex-Marine who showed up wearing a dance-hall girl costume, and who after shooting with Mr. Nimoy was inspired and encouraged to come out and start living completely as a woman.


And crap, now I'm crying at work! He really was just a lovely man, in many, many ways. I would love very much to post links to his gallery and his other projects, however, their site seems to be overwhelmed (rmichelson.com).


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