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(new title) Lesbians get paid more than straight women?

Someone here posted about how she thought maybe she is exempt from some forms of sexism in the office because she is a lesbian. I can't for the life of me remember who it was, what it was called, or much of what it said (and I can't find it either!), and I can't speak from any level of experience, but I just wanted to post this Slate article about it.

[ETA: this was originally titled "lesbian privilege" and I definitely don't want to give the impression I think that lesbians exist in a place of privilege in general - this was just a follow up to another poster's notion that she was escaping some forms of sexism. Obviously, there are plenty of ways that her same experiences would affect other lesbians negatively]


Full disclosure: I hate read Slate and hate everything on there 99% of the time. I don't specifically hate this article, but don't feel that I have much to add. I'm cis, feminine, and have always worked in women-majority companies run by women (so while there is sexism, it's different).

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