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Welcome To The Bitchery

My mother’s friend very nicely took us out t eat after a quick shopping trip.

She insisted n first treating us to Dunkin Donuts. My mother was smart and said “I will take a few sips of his” meaning me.


The friend ordered for me a Caramel Machachiotti (sp) too late to look up actual spelling. I got the large same with her.

That was Mistake 1.

So we shopped for 30 minutes. Yes 30.

We then went to the restaurant. Now it was a seafood place. Last time I had seafood at a restaurant was a few years ago ordering fish and chips and felt so uncomfortable after.


I suspect its eating fried food which we rarely do.

We gt t the restaurant and I got a dish I used to love and had not had since well maybe late 90s. It was Fried Calamari. I got the Calamari Dinner which came with fries. It was literally a plate of french fries with fried calamari on top.


The portions for both were large.

My mother got scallops her friend baked haddock.

Mine tasted so good. My tummy now is so uncomfortable I think its saying do not overdue fried food. Oddly I get french fries about five times a year. Only fried food I eat is the McChicken at McDs and the sandwich is not that large. I cannot recall last time I had french fries at McDs.


I am sticking to my usual which is hamburgers from now on at restaurants. Also I will never get a large drink consisting of milk or cream prior to eating a large meal.

At the restaurant I got tap water.

I do not think you can eat calamari anyway but fried at restaurants. It was delish though. That was one upside. Maybe if I do get it again I will ask for a baked potatoe with sour cream.


Any calamari fans.

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