More than six months ago, I asked my favorite online feminist community a question. I appealed to your diverse life experiences and often superior knowledge in the hopes of being a better, more intersectional feminist. I received many helpful (and several amusing) responses, and I was surprised that they did not all agree with each other (I thought my question was very simple). Further along in my feminist journey, I do realize that not all feminists agree with each other, even on pretty simple issues.

That is the summary. I'm sure you could find the post in question if you tried really really hard.

I STILL get replies to the original post. Almost exclusively from Burner accounts. The reply I just dismissed was from someone who made their debut comment by being an asshole to my post.

Only once in all of these many many many replies I continue to receive has someone actually thoughtfully engaged the question instead of just telling me I'm wrong with a huge undercurrent of white privilege. (Disclaimer: Super-white here, which is why I asked a question to y'all in the first place).

Like, it wouldn't be so annoying if any of these replies to something SUPER-OLD actually tried to reply thoughtfully. Many of the original diverging replies were well-reasoned—some still jerky, but at least well-reasoned.

But no, I just got told not to publish something on the Internet without thinking more first. Did y'all realize that sharing an anecdote and then asking for advice on how to handle it better in the future is akin to publishing?


So who else deals with comments on posts written 6+ months ago? The more inane the original post or the comments, the better!