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This is the first story about an undocumented immigrant in the US getting deported under the new administration that I haven’t been saddened and disgusted by. I’m too disgusted by expectations of special treatment and the attitude that undocumented Irish should have special considerations.


Even my racist Mother-in-Law gets that the typical Irish attitude towards immigration and particularly illegal immigration to the US is sheer hypocrisy. The Irish attitude toward “undocumented Irish” in the US vs. the vitriol I’ve heard against “non-nationals” in Ireland (then with the caveat, “but you’re different” . . . clearly because I’m white . . . because at the time I was also a “non-national”); the attitudes towards the “New Irish” as being not truly Irish although they (we? not quite sure how they count me as returned from diaspora but still naturalized and proud to stand in the ceremony with people from very different backgrounds) are actually citizens. . . it makes me rage.

I’m almost pleasantly surprised that a white guy is getting caught in the racially motivated policy. Now true he had to be “high profile”, actually appearing in a documentary about illegal immigration. And importantly, he’s got a lot better resources and “he’s getting a lot of good help” from a support network not available to most undocumented immigrants. And this guy actually fits the complaints about “go through the legal process”. He wasn’t fleeing drug cartels, human trafficking, or starving, he left at the height of the Celtic Tiger and couldn’t be arsed to get a visa. And he’s getting help from consular officials.

If there’s any special consideration that should be given to undocumented immigrants, it’s to people from Mexico (considering a large part of the US used to belong to Mexico), and to people whose countries and communities have been hit hard by the US “War on Drugs”.

TL;DR: As much as I hate what’s going on with the ICE on Trumproids, fuck this guy.

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