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Let me share my Thanksgiving with you, Groupthink!

This was a very special Thanksgiving for me for two reasons (quick side note to start us off, I've decided to refer to my boo as the Constable/Constable Reggie to go along with the Community/Doctor Who theme):

1. This was the first time I was seeing all of the Constable's siblings at once. I'd met his brother and one of his sister, but I hadn't met his other sister (well, I'd met her on Skype, but not in person). All of the siblings, and his brother's girlfriend, came out to LA and we had Thanksgiving at the Constable's place. So obviously, I wanted to impress.

2. This was my first time helping to throw Thanksgiving. My mom is from America, but my dad isn't and since we've moved to the US when I was 6, we just never really got into Thanksgiving. My mom told me that she once tried cooking us the whole Thanksgiving feast and we were all like "Turkey? Cranberry sauce? Yuck, why can't we have normal food." So she never made us Thanksgiving dinner again. So growing up, if we did Thanksgiving at all, it was because we went to visit my mom's giant family or we were invited to a random first Thanksgiving with other immigrants who had no idea how to actually do Thanksgiving. It just wasn't a big deal to us. This is my fifth Thanksgiving since leaving the nest and I have yet to go home for any of them. I've been invited to come home with other people, I've been in Paris studying abroad. Last year, I just watched Clueless and worked on grad school applications. So even though Thanksgiving doesn't really mean a lot to me, I was excited to get to throw it with the Constable and his family.


Anyways, it was great! I am much more of a baker than a cooker, so I called desserts, albeit somewhat unconventional ones, because I'm not much of a pie person. The night before I stayed up late baking cranberry swirl cheesecake (and cranberry sauce, since I had to make it for the cheesecake anyways) and a family recipe of the Constable's (it's a cake his mom made for all the kids' birthdays growing up, and I surprised him with it for his birthday, so now I've been put in charge of making it for family gatherings).

The Constable and I made breakfast for everyone Thursday morning, and then we spent most of the day drinking and hanging around. I took a nap, because I'd been baking until 2 am, and by the time I woke up, dinner was on it's way to being ready. I whipped up some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and by the time they were done, dinner was ready!

It was a very impressive dinner- I'll try to sort of go from left to right, top to bottom, if that makes sense- sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, stuffing, sweet potato latkes, Brussels sprouts and beets, mashed potatoes, turkeys, almond-encrusted salmon. The food was amazing, but none of us could go back for seconds. We even managed to sit down for dinner by about 7 or 8.


And here's the desserts: apple pie, cranberry cheesecake, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and the family cake. Everyone was super excited for the family recipe cake and had a piece (and even seemed happy with it, which I was thrilled about!), but nobody could handle any more dessert, so we mostly ate everything else for breakfast the next day.


Today was also fun, although I started to hit my saturation point of social interaction towards the end of the day, which is why I'm doing some online gift shopping and writing a post on Groupthink instead of playing board games with the rest of the group (also because I got a bit intense during a game of Blokus- I tend to get competitive).

After dessert/breakfast, we went to Sony Studios, where the Constable's sister works and she got to give us a tour. Afterwards, the Constable wanted to go to Best Buy, but I hate Black Friday, so he tried suggesting that he go and meet us back at the house, but we all ended up going. It was fine, and I managed to get the second season of Happy Endings for $8, so I was really happy. We also got gift certificates from the massage place down the road from the Constable's, because there was a great Black Friday discount, and the whole group is going for massages tomorrow evening. We played some Cards Against Humanity and ate leftovers, and it was all just pretty great.


I think this is one of my favorite Thanksgivings so far. Hope you all had great Thanksgivings, too!

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