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Let me tell you about this fucker

I'm at work right now so please forgive any typos or grammatical errors since I'm on my phone. So this group of three dudes comes in and they're kind of annoying the whole time I'm making their sandwiches, but it's not a big deal. So as I'm ringing up one of the dudes, he asks for a water cup. As I'm grabbing out I ask his friend if he wants one too and he says yes. So they sit down and I start heading to the back. As I'm walking to the back I hear someone get soda so I know the ok ne guy didn't get water since the water button sounds different. So I go back out and look and the one who I offered the cup to had soda. I say "water cups are for water only" and his fried laughs and is like "tell him! I told him so!" Meanwhile, soda guy completely ignores me and deliberately takes a sip. I say " you either need too pour that out or pay for a drink." Again, ignores me. Doesn't even look at me, just takes another sip. Two customers come in so I don't say anything and while I'm making sandwiches they leave. While the other two go out to the car, he gets more soda, still not looking at me. Like his whole body language and attitude screamed "you can't do anything about it so I'm not gonna stop." I was so livid. I felt so powerless and disrespected. If I hadn't had other customers I would've gone out and taken it away. I'll remember him though and he's not getting any more water cups from me. Fucker.


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