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Let me tell you how cute my niece is- also, build a bear

I don't have kids, but I have a lotof nieces and nephews. One niece used to love with me when her mom had post-partnum. It's almost her birthday, and I asked her what she wanted ( bc 9 yr olds taste ranges are wide).

She has been texting me nonstop (she has a phone grandma gave- so she texts me a lot- reminding me to eat peas, telling me to read black beauty, that she's on the bus, etc). She really want a gift certificate to build a bear, but it's expensive, so she won't outright ask for it. She was raised better. But she has told me that they have this my little pony thing there- and how she can't go without her sister, but it doesn't matter but she's never been and she's heard it's cool.

So now I'm giggling mlp, and trying to teach her about palominos, and learning about the power of friendship.


She's cute is all I'm saying.

Who has been to build a bear?

Two animals and all the fixins? How much? Mom is really strapped for cash ( I got all the school clothes, so I don't want her to even worry about tax). How much should I put on a gift card?

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