Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well it appears the Republican groups hiring young people to help are paying them. Democratic groups well too many are paying too little. Yeah the donor money needs to be centralized to core groups. Wide dispersation means groups will not get enough to pay helpers and ask them to volunteer.

This is 2018 not the 60s or 70s young people simply cannot afford to do this for free or little pay. College tuition is far, far higher and far more are in debt as a result The days of paying for college while in college has long past.

Let’s not give up a generation of help simply because Republicans pay more.

I hate to say this but their model is better. We need to do better. Donors need to pick 4 or 5 groups and move everyone towards these groups. It will cut down on having too many folks in charge getting big pay checks. More of the lower level will see more money.


Causes go nowhere if those who help or want to help cannot pay their bills thus you lose helpers. Thus causes are lost.

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