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Let there be light!

It only took 24 hours, but power has been restored, thank you baby Jesus and all the goddesses.

But it can't be really THAT easy, because the other thing that the storm apparently fucked up last night was our cable, internet and phone. Which we bundle from those charmers at Time Warner Cable. And really, WHAT'S THE POINT of having electricity if you can't use it to waste time watching TV or playing on the interbunnies? It's metaphorical darkness in this day and age.


So I have been puttering around all pathetic listening to NPR and thinking I should do something productive like laundry or cleaning off the kitchen table, but noooo. I had to find some wifi at Starfucks because I also need to do some online banking shit that is actually important. Oh, and check in here.

I'M SO BEHIND on posts here it's sad. And I'm going away for the weekend so I'll be even more behind. Everyone promise not to post anything important or funny or funny-important or anything until Monday, mmkay? Thanks!

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