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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let there be no light

One of my coworkers has sensitive eyes, and florescent light bothers her. Luckily, that area of the office has windows and even a skylight, so unless it’s dark outside everyone has enough light to work.

Unfortunately, that natural light doesn’t quite reach my desk. The lighting for my area of the office is also wired to be on the same switch as the lighting for that half. I’m the front desk (sort of) and I’m always in the sort of dark.


People are always walking by asking if I have enough light, and the answer is NO. I DON’T. But I can’t turn on the light! So then it gets awkward because obviously I don’t have enough light, but the other woman is in easy hearing distance of me so explaining the situation feels like talking behind her back.

And yes, I have a desk lamp and a floor lamp. Both give off no light. And anyways, it’s not the seeing that’s the issue (most of my work is on the screen), it’s the general atmosphere of light and wanting to work in what feels like daytime.

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