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Let us celebrate the glory of vaccines

Smallpox was humanity’s great enemy for ten thousand years. Responsible for 300-500 million deaths in the twentieth century alone, the last century in which it was free to ravage humanity.

Smallpox is a distant memory now. I have the vaccination scar on my arm, as do most of those of my generation. I have a pock. A small pock. Younger folks don’t have that. I wear it proudly. Is anyone here agitated about dying in this cruel manner? No? Well, good. You’re a new breed, it’s good to see you.


One of the greatest historical murderers of men and women has been utterly vanquished and relegated to the dustbin of history via the work of doctors and scientists. Celebrate this, celebrate the fact that this killer is, at long last, after ten thousand years, snuffed out, gone. We won this one.

More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox

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