Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Let us make a list of Awesome Native Americans

We need heroes! Lets see how many rad Native American people we know.

  1. Me! Hahahaha. (Www.artlovelight.com)
  2. You (millions of years in the future, everyone whose bones are in north america will be considered a native american.)
  3. Rebecca Belmore
  4. Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
  5. Sonny Assu
  6. Who else?

I just got the new issue of Wired and some guy is featured with his tattoos of Native headdresses on skulls- he finds the imagery appealing because it reads strong and proud to him, which i kindof like, except the skulls...well, we arent dead. And it kindof renders us invisible if the only people we see doing native stuff say that they are not. I am torn, because at least the ideas are still around. An idea is a legacy. But lets see who exists today!


I had an art show Friday and i wore a hawk feather in my hair, as a nod to regalia, which my mom always does at her art shows!

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