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Let Us Preen Kinja

Hey All. Are you experiencing a bug with Kinja? Then this post is the forum to discuss it. I'm going to lead off with a bug that's occurring that I find annoying and am looking for comfirmation on. Feel free to bring up issues you're having with Kinja here, and other users can either help figure out if it's a misunderstanding, if there's a workaround, if it's a kinja bug, or some combination of all of those. I've tagged this post Kinja Help so it'll be seen by Kinja tech.

Recommends not appearing recommended

I will recommend a comment that's offering insightful or relatively valuable commentary, and then when I go back later to read through comments through either Popular Discussions or All Discussions, I notice that the recommend star isn't blue. Anyone else seeing this?


Edit: seems many are. k2b claims he already informed this to Kinja tech and Ernie said they were looking at it.

What are you seeing?

Any hiccups you're having with Kinja? Bring em out and let's talk about it. Edit: Be sure to include your Browser Name/Version and OS.

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