Last night during the Battle of the Crazy Women Need Locks On Their Vaginas Crusade: Part Who Even Knows Now, Leticia Van de Putte (D-Bexar County), BAMF, posed a last-minute question that seemed to be a bit of a head scratcher for many in Congress.

Let me help you out, my political friends. That wasn't a question. It was a condemnation.

Ms. Van de Putte: "At what point must a female representative raise her hand or voice to be recognized over her male colleagues in the room?"

That is such an EXCELLENT question, my dear senator, I am glad you asked. I think we could take it a bit further, in fact. At what point must a woman in this state, or country, mount a war to be recognized over the men who want to control her rights?


Of course, if that point is now (hint: yup), then we know where to go from here.

Isn't it interesting how increased agency for women in the workplace and the economy leads to two very predictable things: hand-wringing over whether women might be 'taking over,' and suddenly vehement, repeated attempts to limit the rights that facilitate that agency (i.e., attempts to keep women from controlling what does or does not happen in the way of child-having)?

It's like these Republicans harbor a desperate hope that if they just hold fast in stubbornly irrational opinions, if they entrench in science they invented on the spot, if they can just keep those women distracted with baby after baby, everything will go back to the way it was, everything will be normal again, and they'll know what kind of world they live in! Right, guys? Can't it just be like that?


(Hint: nope.)

So for those of you who are, like me, endlessly frustrated at the anti-woman sentiment pouring out of politics, we gotta remember:


(Of course in this case, it's not just one, but I am sticking to the principle.)

And it gets really hard to be presented to the world as nothing in between either a virtuous god-fearing woman, or some kind of soulless harlot.

Because, you know, I want to direct my own life.

But it all boils down to a very simple truth.


So keep your heads up, ladies, and let's give em' hell.