This article defends “last-minute mergers” and I agree with it. I’m only predicting arguing, haha, since that seems to be how conversations about driving work and people are having a fight about this on my Facebook.

I am a very cautious driver (like I’m sure aggressive drivers get mad at me), but being a commuter has put me in agreement with this article. I used to be an early merger but it’s true:

But study upon study proves the upstanding early-mergers among us are just creating a single long, slow line of traffic that’s not only frustrating for drivers, it’s inefficient because it minimizes the amount of usable road — and it even causes accidents.

My other controversial opinions:

  • Left lane is for faster traffic (which is law where I live), but that doesn’t mean there is an unlimited speed limit in the left lane and if you’re passing people in the right lane, you have a right to be in the left lane until it’s safe to get back over.
  • Riding anyone’s ass for any reason (even if they are totally wrong) should get you a reckless driving violation.