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Welcome To The Bitchery

One of the other postdocs and I started casting the inevitable HBO series on the Trump admin. Neither of us are great at knowing actors, so I thought it would be fun to do it here too. Here are some of our initial thoughts:

Version 1: Cast of West Wing repurposed for the HBO series (although that could forever deleteriously affect re-watching of the West Wing).


Version 2:

Jennifer Lawrence as Ivanka
Alan Alda or Ted Danson as Mueller
Melissa McCarthy as Spicer (obv)
Sarah Paulson as Melania
John Goodman as Trump
Zach Woods (from Veep and Silicon Valley) as Jared
Denzel Washington as Ben Carson
Eagle from Muppets or Chris Noth as Tillerson
Rachel Bloom as Julia Sarah Huckster (iphone autocorrected Huckabee, I thought it was genius) Sanders
Anthony Hopkins as Steve Bannon
Tony Hale as Steven Miller
Judith Light as Betsy Devos
John Oliver as Steve Mnuchin

Obama Keegan Michael Key
Meryl Streep as Hillary (obv)
Steve Martin as Uncle Joe


Most of the appearances by Obama and Hillary would be just them doing this for much of 2018:

Illustration for article titled Lets cast the Trump HBO series

Other roles:

Mitch McConnell

Paul Ryan

Nancy Pelosi

Adam Schiff

Mike Pence

Elizabeth Warren


Jill Stein


Devin Nunes

Feel free to make other casting suggestions!!!


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