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Does anyone have anything they can/want to celebrate today? Even the little things are worth celebrating (like a tasty breakfast or a great parking space)! Leave it here - let’s celebrate together!

I’ll start (cuz you knew I had an agenda for this!): I have just confirmed with one of my mentors that if I quit my job next week, she will hire me. Thus I AM QUITTING MY JOB NEXT WEEK! I’ve written about it on occasion - but basically, my boss is controlling and abusive* - and I feel like Rapunzel in a tower because I’m not allowed to do anything except what she wants me to do. It will be really challenging to do the actual quitting - I want to keep a good relationship for a variety of reasons. But OMG - it is going to feel so great! This will give me so much more time to work on my dissertation and my other research projects - and help me keep focused and among good, helpful, generous people.

So, what can you celebrate?

*one of the things I was thinking about today was about my ability (and I don’t think I’m unique in this) to care deeply for people who have been abusive to me. That’s worth a post in an of itself.


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