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To play, respond to any of the following prompts or pick a shopping subject of your own and expound as you wish.

1. Have you purchased any clothes lately that you luuuurve?

2. Coveting any fashions this season or for fall that you care to share?

3. Found any online shopportunities or major sales that the rest of us should know about?


4. Struggling with particular shopping challenges right now that the hivemind could help with?

5. (Kates Bonus, because it’s my post...) If you’re a size 10-14, where are you buying cute clothes right now? I. Must. Know.

SHARE! Bonuses for links and photos!!

As for me... I’ve been feeling kind of uninspired and under-confident this year re: fashion. Some of it can be attributed to body issues (my usual size 8 has morphed to a 12 over time; I’ve had trouble adjusting, and it feels harder to dress this size as a petite, because I’m really stubborn/lazy about tailoring garments). Some of it has to do with being stuck between two worlds with a very grown-up job environment (where the conservative, polished look rules) pulling in one direction and a vibrant, hip neighborhood and set of peers (wearing rompers and sexy hosiery and bold makeup and artsy accessories) pulling in the other. I also have way less time to shop than ever, which is how I typically grab pieces from here that and there and weave them into a wardrobe, as no one store seems to capture my vibe or sizing best.


Basically, right now I feel like I am a walking embodiment of the less interesting side of Ann Taylor Loft and am always either that girl in a pencil skirt and bland cardigan or jeans and a bland cardigan. I have cool glasses and a couple great necklaces, but that’s sort of it right now for me.

Anyways. Tell me your latest fashion secrets and confessions! Together we shall adore cute things.

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