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In the past 24 hours I have been called a man-hater, an idiot, a loser, a virgin and a slut (??), feminazi, triggered, fragile and militant (??), shameful, cowardly, and attention-seeking. Why? Cause I dared to point out why what Aziz Ansari did was wrong. I think you all might be feeling that too. I’m seeing a lot of you fight the good fight here, and I’ve tried it on other sites too.

For awhile I had some of the idiots go on about how she didn’t say no, and after I posted her quotes about saying no twice they switched to fixating on the blow job. To which I replied that at that point it was clear he wasn’t going to stop aggressing, so she probably figured if she did that then she would be safer and it might stop him from wanting penetrative sex. Well, they all laughed at me for that one. Called me weak. Called me stupid. Called me a slut, of course. As usual. The insidious part is that...I know they know. They’ve all done it. Probably started by asking a woman, cornering her, were well aware that made her scared/nervous (which is why I don’t buy their naive bullshit). They asked for sex but then settled for a blow job. And on top of all this...they mock women who openly admit to it. Literally mocking rape victims. They’re just the nastiest pieces of shit I can imagine.

It’s bullshit what we have to go through just to make people see reason, and to get them to have empathy for women. We’re finally getting to the point where we’re calling out their problematic behavior, and they hate that. I see them desperate to put the onus back on Grace (women in general). They’re gaslighting, virtue signaling, and outright insulting anyone who disagrees. Let’s commiserate for a bit.


I want to give thanks to all those I see fighting in threads! Some don’t go here, but I’m gonna post them anyway - Rooo, HoneyHeart, SeveralMoons, Zukka, GusChiggins, the bear is tops blooby, recognitions, olivecolored, It’s Ok to be Catherine, KaraThrace, FlamingMirror, PersnicketyPants, Literary_Funk

Sorry if I missed anyone from the main threads. I’m really glad I see so many people out there fighting the good fight. It’s exhausting, and there’s not a lot of thanks. You’re all amazing!

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