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TV Series

Eichorst: See relevant Nelson image, because HA HA.

OMG FUCKING GOD. Why did they waste all that time getting Travis from Continuum (Fitzgerald) to kill him off the first day on the job? It’s because he’s black right? FUCK... I was really looking forward to him actually doing something, then no.... because spider kid.


Kelly turn your son already, please. I know you can’t because of love or some shit because mother’s love and bahahahahaha

Zack in the Books. I’m not done Eternal Night, or Night of the Eternal, but I still hate Zack. The whole playing in teh Zoo thing was kinda boring. Oh look, I’m bored I can make animals kill each other. OH wait, that wasn’t me, it was the master because humans can’t do evil unless vampires make them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA you clearly have not met real humans, because they are worse than vampires.

Zach in tv. I think he could play a good creepy evil one dimensional Damein Omen. I want Fet to call him ZED because the entire show looks too Canadian. My mom came in and asked me, what crappy Canadian show are you watching? Is this the CBC? I laughed and explained it was FX. She was annoyed because Americans usually make things that don’t look cheap. lol

F-ram (F) in the Tv series. Okay, so you have Nora, but you just leave this city and get drug rep. Okay, maybe I’m weird, but stress doesn’t make me horny. When I have important shit to do, getting laid isn’t on my mind. How is it on everyone else’s mind? HOW? Does every tv character get horny once they get booze in them and sort of not stressed out? And really, F, you didn’t think everyone you touch will be assassinated.


Ephraim (Eph) Books - Get your shit together.

General book complaint: I guess Fet and Nora because she was a woman and you know, that’s apparently the only option as woman. Mother or lover, because romance. /eyeroll


TV Show: Where the fuck was Dutch this week?

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