I'll begin by saying I'm heartbroken.

I'll add that the sweetheart that screwed me after 13 years & a September 11th love story was a Sergeant in the NYPD. I know the challenges of police work. I get it.


Let's think about this for a second or two, because this is the infraction that Eric Garner lost his life over. Harassed 7 documented times for selling loosies. This is the multiple misdemeanor offense that Fox News described as a "lengthy criminal history." THIS is why you see in the video Mr. Garner asking the cops to leave him alone. THIS is why Mr. Garner is so clearly frustrated & angry, but not even close to anyones definition of dangerous.

No; not a lengthy criminal history. "Loosies" you may ask? Loosies are single cigarettes. In NYC, cigarettes are $14 per pack of 20.

Yes, there is a market for loosies.

Because people CAN NOT AFFORD A WHOLE PACK @$14 !!! Because people working for minimum wage may want a couple of cigarettes after work. Mr. Garner may have made a few extra dollars selling them, because really, the man was doing a service in his community. Because, cigarettes are a fucking luxury item in NYC. Selling them loose affords us all an escape, especially in a city where you're paid $8 bucks an hour and a pack of cigarettes cost $14.


I could go on, but I can't. I just wanted to add the basic premise of what I think is missing from this fucked up "conversation".

Edited to say: 5 cops on 1 man who was CLEARLY pissed for good reason, but not resisting or menacing IN ANY WAY. Crying.

Also, big, necessary BookFace fights. I done win...