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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let's Deconstruct a Terrible Music Video

From Boy Band Times!!

This video is truly ridiculous. Five requisite members of the Boy Band—including the Rapper and the One With The Weird Hair— are hanging out at an abandoned bowling alley. There are girls there, who do not acknowledge their existence. The girls have fantastic senses of style, and fearless hair. The girls start to bowl, and I start to think the boys are ghosts, trapped in this bowling alley in giant clothes for all eternity. I wonder how they died, to be stuck there.....but I digress.


Actually, what were the girls doing there? Was it their secret lesbian make-out spot!!??! I hope so. The guys are dancing in unison, complete with the swing-leg-stomp, and the girls remain uninterested. They are too busy looking at the brightly colored bowling balls. They are seriously fearless, to be bowling in 4-inch platform heeled boots. But the real question might be, why are the guys wearing bibbed snow pants???

The best thing about this video? It is a time capsule from that era—this followed the formula of How To Make A Boy Band Video With Mediocre Talent (I say this b/c the one with Leo DiCaprio hair can't lip sync to save his life). I love it, and I don't know why I forgot about this song, but wait...yes I do.

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