Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So it's Saturday night and if you're anything like me, you are laying on the couch, wearing 3 sweaters (yup, 3! my thermostat is fucked...), and drinking wine. Because it's snowing here in Boston and only the truly batshit people are out tonight. And I'm bored. So, let's chat!

I watched Lovelace today on Netflix. It was kinda terrible. Like, in a totally Lifetime movie type of way, only it had a-listers in it. Sort of like that "54" movie with Ryan Phillipe (what ever happened to that guy?). But those clothes! I swear if it wasn't 17 degrees and blizzarding, I'd have trekked it into Cambridge for some thrift shopping of the realest and most 70's variety.

I went on a date (yes, I know! i swore I was quitting that shit but you know how it is. I'm the worst.) the other night and HOLY SHITBALLS, guys! I am pretty sure this dude was the least self aware person I have EVER met. I spent yesterday being kinda mad about it and now I just think it's kind of hilarious. Hilarious and confusing. How do people get to the age of 40 and have NO idea that they are an insufferable douchebag?!


Also? Christmas. Ew. I'm broke as fuck and still not done shopping. I wish I had a "get out of Xmas free" card this year. I'm just not feeling it at all. And every time I try to buy something onnline, it's sold out! Which means I have no god damn choice but to go out in public and face the millions of other miserable people who are buying shit to put under the tree. Gah!

What's on your mind, GT?

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