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Let's Discuss Captain America, Shall We?

Spoilers abound. Don't say you weren't warned.

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How did you feel about the "Captain America: Fuck Yeah!" sequence that started the film? I thought it was rather abrupt and violent to jump into, but that could just be me and my Man of Steel violence-critical-mass point. Like, why did those mercenaries have to die? I mean, the ones who just were standing there one second, then falling into the ocean the next? Not cool, Cap. And some of it was inexplicably violent. Like, what did those guys ever do to you, to deserve to be strangled by a steel cable and impaled by a grappling hook before being thrown off a balcony? Maybe, too, I'm also thinking about how Arrow changed its stance on blind violence this season, and how much I love that. It makes genuine, human sense to me. This? I kept waiting for the mirror to be held up to Cap, like, "This is what you're doing, and this is why it's not cool." I'm still not sure that happened. Like, you were okay with doing this, and now you know it was Hydra that taught you, and do you see how this might be wrong on a human level? Or do you still wanna do it b/c you get to chuck your shield a lot and look awesome doing it?

Who is it that fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Is that GI Joe?

Also, I'm pretty sure that I've been watching too many shows/movies where death is flexible to believe anybody is actually dead ever again. Not even on The Good Wife. So Nick Fury's death was never a certainty; it was just who knew it wasn't, that was. But then, I think we all knew that one.


And I thought the funniest moment of the whole thing was Ezekiel 25:17 on Fury's gravestone. It applies to Fury, too.

Also, I can't wait for Captain America 3: the Barnes Identity. Can. Not. Wait. He should be in a support group with Hawkeye for the body-snatched. I'd pay all the money to watch that.

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