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Let's get it together Boston!

I know we've floated the idea of a get together several times, but we haven't seemed to come up with a serious plan yet so I wanted to float a few questions and see if we can come up with something:

1) who's in Boston and would be interested in hanging out?

2) what kind of hang out thing would we like to do?

Bars seem like a decent go to, we have a lot of them in this town. We can probably find one that's fairly quiet and can accommodate a group. I don't know that many bars in the area, but if no one has a better suggestion, this French group I used to go to would meet at Asgard, which is near Central Square/MIT and should be reasonably easy for most people to get to. It has food and a decent amount of space.


3) What times would work for people?

I know that service industry folks tend to work on weekends but that we also have 9-5ers so is there a compromise time that would work? What are people's availabilities? I work for myself, so I'm pretty free. I'll be around this weekend starting late afternoon/early evening.


What do you think, guys? Can we make something happen? You seem like interesting folks and it'd be nice chat face to face.

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