I arrived to the DC area yesterday without much issue (except turkeys and guineas) and even found the Walmart 30 minutes away to get a prescription filled*. I only encountered snowy back roads, getting stuck inside the onramp to the parking garage and parking next to the wrong elevators when trying to move my stuff in. Overall, for me, not a bad day!

But now that the govt is closed AGAIN today, I’m in a very sterile-feeling apartment without my dog, cats or BellaFella to entertain me. I should get out and explore, but it’s cold and snowy outside.... The thought of it doesn’t thrill me.

So, I figured I might use this day to get some wedding details figured out. I started figuring out music a day or two ago and I think I finally figured out some of my choices. Let’s take a musical adventure....

Family/Bridesmaids/Groomsman processional music:

Groom and Bride Processional:


First dance:

(Or the regular version of this song)

Still left to figure out: Father/daughter,/mother/song dance and all the reception intro music.


If you can’t tell, I like string music. I tried to keep it a bit more modern because I HATE the ‘here comes the bride’ thing. Thoughts? Suggestions? think I’m crazy for playing a Dashboard Confessional song at my wedding?

*I know there were pharmacies closer, I just forgot to fill it during the snow storm and needed it ASAP without waiting a day for it to transfer pharmacies.