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Let's Hate on Pants

I stopped wearing pants in May all together.

Before that, I was wearing one pair of skinny jeans on errands and that was it. Somewhere between hot as balls and "kind chilly" weather I subconsciously vowed to stop wearing pants all together.

I just hate them. They are restrictive and I have a body that just doesn't fill them out the way they're supposed to. I have wide hips and (mostly) a flat stomach. But my rear end is flat-ish and my thighs are bigger than my butt. I've tried jeans shopping a MILLION times and nothing fits "just right". So fuck jeans. FUCK PANTS.


I'm a girl who places a big amount of importance on things fitting properly. I think all women are beautiful, no matter their size. But I do semi-often see gorgeous women who are wearing clothes that don't for them properly. And maybe (probably) this is rude/judgmental...but I always want to see what they'd look like in a dress. Not because I think they are "fat". But because I want to see what they'd look like with something that shows off the best parts of them without pinching parts of them that pants typically make look "lumpy". And pants? Those pinch us curvy gals.

Ill-fitting clothes can make you look 2+ sizes bigger. FACT. And being the size 6-8 that I am but with very wide hips? I almost always have some "muffin top" going on when I wear pants. And say what you want, but those pants DO fit me. If I went to a size 10 I'd be drowning in fabric. This is not a brag. Anything but. I just do not have the shape that pants are designed for. And I CAN'T be alone!

Since beginning my pants-free lifestyle, I've noticed a change in what people think/say too. "OMG WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY!?" is a standard proclamation. Awesome! People automatically think I am stylish! SCORE!

Anybody else living a pants-free lifestyle? Even in this sub-zero weather? Why? Tell me your story!

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