It’s hot and muggy and generally gross here, so I didn’t want to stand over the stove or (god forbid!) the oven. I decided on waffles. Cranberry-apricot waffles, to be precise. Delicious cranberry-apricot waffles! I <3 my waffle maker.

Pureed a big can of apricots in the blender, added vanilla almond milk, oil, and eggs (thanks, Krabby!), and then the last cup of gf Bisquick, the last cup of another bag of gf pancake mix, some buckwheat flour, oat flour, rolled oats, quinoa flakes, sugar, baking powder, and 3 big handfuls of dried cranberries. So, yeah, basically clean-out-the-cupboard waffles! This made 24 waffles, total. Most of which are gone already (to no one’s surprise, I’m sure!)

So, what are you having/did you have/will you have for dinner?