Sometimes it is so easy to forget that there are good things in our lives. When we get sick, or tired, or busy, or flustered, we often wallow in self-pity and doubt and all kinds of things that cloud the fact that not everything is bad. So, as I make my way through the last bits of sadness around my breakup and some other stresses, I’ll mention things that are actually really good:

— I’m doing 2 5ks in October (the Browns 5k and the Cleveland Clinic 5k!) I’m excited because I’ll be doing both with friends!

— I spent the weekend with two close friends of mine who I love dearly. They are two men who love, accept and value me and all my craziness. We spent our time playing nerdy deck-building games and drinking good beer.

— My friends and family are helping me rebuild and rediscover the confidence in myself and who I am that was robbed from me when Sgt Ex-Bf broke up with me.

— I’m rediscovering my love of working out because for the first time in a long time, I’m not feeling pressured.


— I have cute stickers and washi to decorate my planner with, sooooo... yeah... it’s becoming a problem, actually.

The tone today is a bit melancholy, and that is okay because it is a part of life, and venting is good; but that said, let’s not lose sight of how fortunate we are, even if we can’t always see it or feel it.


And have a kitten because #teamcat #4lyfe