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It’s been quite a week so far GT, with a legit mix of good and bad.

The bad/not so good:

  • yesterday was the memorial for my cousin who recently passed from leukemia. ::sigh:: He was a good man.
  • Sunday a former coworker and friend of mine passed. He was a wonderful man and young as hell - he was about my parents’ age - so mid-50s. He was gay and positive and had survived a couple bouts of colon cancer, and most recently succumbed to bone cancer. So given the crazy medical history he had, to have made it is a small miracle. I will miss him... My other former coworkers are pretty much in shock because he was due to return to work this month, and one of my friends had a lunch date with him for Monday, so I saw her Monday evening to check on her.
  • My sis is really resisting getting therapy to work through her emotions around the abortion she had in Feb. I’m trying to gently remind her that her mental health is just as important as her physical health. I’m glad she at least talks to me.

The good:

  • I’m no longer temp at work! I didn’t quite get to the base salary I wanted, but my very very aggressive commission structure makes up for it. I think it will work out well.
  • I’ve been feeling very confident lately, and I feel the fire in my belly coming back. It feels good to feel like me.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and friends and it is wonderful.
  • My friend introduced me to a great guy she knows who also works at the same unversity she does. He’s super attractive, and a PhD candidate and goofy. We may be hanging out soon.
  • Sgt ex-Bf is coming to visit soon (our families are neighbors...), so I can give him the shadow box I had commissioned for his sword before he broke up with me; this will also be the chance I have to see if he seems at least a little like he is regretting that he broke up with me.
  • My friend is getting married in about six weeks! I’m in her wedding so I’m very excited!!

So, GT, what’s up! You are free to dump everything here!

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