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Let's have an inane diversion, shall we?

As we have established, 2016 sucks. This week sucks. There is still much of 2016 ahead of us that will probably suck too. On that note, let’s have a short break and talk about some normal, nigh-on-pointless beauty topics for a little while. What’s your latest beauty bumf, GT? Or other bumf? Inane bumf, not heavy bumf, for a wee diversion, perhaps with a GT G&T

Mine: I need some epilating advice. I was pretty ride or die for epilating until really recently. I got a new epilator last year and I’m not sure if that’s the reason why this is happening, but I keep getting a fuckton of ingrown or not-quite-removed-but-broken-under-the-skin hairs, which make my legs look so manky that I’ve reverted to shaving. The horrors. Anyway, I heard something about something something numbers of tweezers something device something better epilators something something so does anyone know about what makes an epilator good or bad or whether a shit-hot one would fix my skin problem?

What else have I got... hair shit. Hmm. Anyone know of some good hair fluffifying powder that doesn’t make it super matte?


How bout... what else have I got here... oh, I don’t know, add some of your own. Basically open thread this shit so we can take a break from the obvious dumpster fire that is everything this year.

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