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Let's have an Online Garage Sale of Skills

I am surely not the only broke person on Groupthink, and I imagine some of you are not broke but need services or skills or presents and would LOVE to get them from other GTers! So if you are broke, post your skills and online shops and pictures here, and if you are not broke, find what you need and get it from us!


Photoshop - Wordpress - Social Media PR -

Illustration - Digital Painting - Graphic Design - Acrylic/Watercolor Original Art


I run my own website (Artlovelight.com) and get 200 visitors a day - will do a featured post on your product or service for $50. I am the one that occasionally makes entertaining flowcharts.

I need to make 500$!!! please help me with my goal. I have five days to pay rent! My email is katanaleigh AT gmail and I can send you my resume too. If you would like to purchase my whole month for $1000 I will work for you 25 hours a week and market you like AMAZEBALLS and supply you with enough content to market yourself for the rest of the year. (5x Facebook posts for 52 weeks that can be reblogged and tweeted)

I also have 2 boxes of vintage patterns, valued from $5.99 to $25 - I will ship you the whole lot for $50 plus shipping. some are listed here etsy.com/shop/fabricpatternsonline



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