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Let's have some more fun with AZ Sen. Al Melvin

It appears that in addition to basically saying he was scared of middle-school algebra, Arizona State Senator Al Melvin has really gotten in tune with the mind of the typical Arizona transplant in his bid to be elected governor and take over control of the asylum key from Jan Brewer.

It shouldn't be a shock to anybody that ol' Al voted in favor of anti-gay SB 1062. He's an old white man Republican legislator in Arizona; he couldn't pass up a golden opportunity like that.


But, there's still one step before they can go around patting themselves on the back for being able to deny gay people cab rides and restaurant dates: Brewer has to sign it into law. So Al has turned his Twitter feed into a constant battle cry of getting the bill signed, using any argument he can think of. Or, maybe, it's lack of thinking. Don't want to count up too many arguments for fear of coming across a letter instead of a number.

Which brings us to this:

Oh, Al.

Al, Al, Al.

There certainly is a risk of economic damage to Arizona if the bill becomes law, as everyone's favorite gay adopted uncle George Takei has pointed out. But, behold, Al has a brilliant counterpoint: What if religious-typed people (or, to be more accurate, those people who claim their religion requires them to say, not want to sell a cupcake to the Teh Gayz if they own a cupcake shop) decided to stop moving to Arizona if this bill doesn't become law?


Well, that's obvious. They would stay wherever they currently live. Which, last I checked, probably doesn't allow them to openly discriminate against gays and lesbians like SB 1062. Not even Kansas is going to be running that risk anymore. So, when SB 1062 doesn't become law, moving to Arizona wouldn't cause a reduction in what they are able to do. Which, last I checked, isn't stopping people from moving to Arizona right now.


As opposed to say, the actual loss of goods and services for gays and lesbians in Arizona if the bill does become law. They probably wouldn't want to stay around. And I'm sure a lot of people outside the state would be ready and willing to boycott the fuck out of any products with Arizona ties in support, regardless of who they are attracted to/want to fuck/are fucking.

Arizona's gubernatorial primary is in six months, if anyone is curious.

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