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Let's Hear It for Women who Age (Hollywood, wrinkles, gray hair, and me)

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I was watching an interview with the women starring in the upcoming movie Enough Said, and though they dye their hair, it was so amazingly refreshing to me to see: Julie Louis-Dreyfuss has wrinkles and is letting herself AGE. Catherine Keener has wrinkles and is letting herself AGE. I couldn't stop looking at them and being grateful that they are being allowed to play most of the cast in a movie. A sad comment on my expectations of Hollywood, I suppose.


I think women should do what they want, because they're pretty much damned either way. Hollywood stars get plastic surgery and they're ridiculed for "ruining" their looks. They don't, and they're ridiculed for aging. There's no winning. It's just nice to see some faces on the screen that don't look like they're trying to fight the aging battle to me.

I am 47, and let me tell you, it is SCARY sometimes to look in the mirror and see the lines that are a-coming. And though to some of you, I'm sure my age will seem ridiculously old, there really aren't even that many lines on my face.


What I DO have, though? Gray hair. Right now, it’s covered up by a very nice dye job. But I’m sick of it. I’m sick of having to keep scheduling appointments and not daring miss them because I start to get an inch of skunk hair at my scalp. I’m sick of panicking and coloring the roots myself, and then getting a weird two-tone look before I can get in for an appointment. I have some “not from nature” color in my hair, and I’m tired of having to bleach out parts of the hair to add in the teal, which takes three hours. Ugh.

So, I recently decided:

I’m growing out the gray, taking some inspiration from this beautiful lady. It’s going to look hideous for awhile. But then when the gray is all grown out, I’ll add back in some blue. And I think that letting myself just be gray may be the most badass beauty thing I’ve ever done.

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