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The other day I posted this article on Hate Listening.

In that article I referred to one of the radio personalities as Product-W's. I thought if I did not say the word it would not be so bad. Well I thought better of it and edited the article to remove the reference. The word of course if "whore". I know that is a word that should not be used, even in reference to sellouts. So I edited the piece and all was well


Later on I gave it some thought and I was thinking if there was a way to illustrate the message of what that phrase is trying to convey without use of the nasty misogynistic language. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "But Dylonius, there is a word already in the English language, it's 'sellout'" You may also be thinking "I really want a nice Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with BBQ chips" In that case, go to Subway I can't help you.

Now yes, sellout is a good word. But I don't think it works. Anyone can be a sellout. How many times do fans of a band that gets its big deal with a label get called sellouts before they even release an album? I remember TSR got called that when they sold Dungeons and Dragons to Wizards of the Coast. Heck, I called Jacoby Ellsbury that for abandoning the Sox to play for the vile Yankees. Anyone who gets paid could be called a sellout.

Product whore is different. That's a person or entity either designed to make money or whose prime focus is money. Jim Davis made Garfield specifically to make money. Movies that just throw product placement everywhere even when it makes no sense or does nothing to add to the story. Athletes like Peyton Manning who haven't meet a product they didn't love and were willing to do anything to sell. They take selling out to a whole new level. Those are the types I reserve the big word for. So if we want to move beyond using words like whore, I say we come up with a new word. One that has the same emphasis as the old one but doesn't have the problematic baggage associated with me. So I ask the Hivemind, what kind of ideas you have.

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