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...of things we shouldn't forget.

I'll start.

  • Ebola.
  • 200 Nigerian Girls kidnapped, not a bounty on the perp's head.
  • Iraq.(Daesh)
  • Syria.(Daesh)
  • Syria.(Civil war)
  • Ferguson. Mike Brown. The protests.
  • Eric Garner. NYC protests.
  • Tamir Rice. His sister.
  • The guy who was shot at a gas station(I don't remember his name, couldn't bear to lok it pu)
  • Afganistan(We are leaving)
  • The drone program.
  • CIA torture case.
  • NSA.
  • Iraq(we left Iraq and ISIS rose, so our role there)

The, like stark, lets repeat these every day, before we sleep. And maybe some of us will do something about it all.


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