Getting toxin-free tampons (with plastic applicators? yay environment!) delivered to your door once a month and right on time is all right for a first try, but I know that with our powers combined we can come up with something much better!

What would you want in your ideal ladygarden-themed subscription box? Only period necessities, or other vag-related goods as well? Vagina-havers have a diverse array of needs, so having the boxes be truly customizable would be essential. I stopped getting my period when I got Mirena nearly three years ago (and right before I found out about the cult of Diva cup too!), but I would still be cool with a box of chocolate, aspirin, and pictures of a new handsome soccer player in a box each month.

Other possibilities include:

  • underwear with no period stains in it yet
  • books for reading when you feel too shitty to do anything else
  • pamphlets about how to more efficiently emasculate all the men in your life who still have their spirits intact
  • bath salts
  • a service that automatically notifies your mother or any other pesky relatives that YES your period came again, NO you still aren’t pregnant, STOP asking when you’re going to have kids already
  • those washable pads they always advertise in Bitch magazine—although if you liked them I guess you’d stop wanting a new box each month
  • Tyler Hoechlin (for me, anyway)

Edit: I love you guys so much, just from reading the suggestions here already! Can anyone think of some great names for the service too?