Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

After a long day at work, I came home to a cold house and cold radiators. We managed to get the repair guy out to check, and he can’t figure out what’s wrong either but they’re working again for now at least. Missed the gym because he was still here and we had a date with a friend to go to the cinema for a late showing of John Wick 2.

Came back from the cinema just after midnight to find that our house had been broken into. We haven’t identified anything valuable stolen (my work laptop was sitting untouched on the sofa and our most valuable things are books), but our house has been such a mess lately that we may well have missed something . The window at the top of the stairs is broken, the alarm torn off the wall, and our beautiful honeymoon souvenir white rabbit statue is shattered. The police have come and taken our statement, but we have to leave the broken glass on the landing for now until the crime scene people come tomorrow.


It’s utterly bizarre. The things we first noticed out of place were items from the bedside table, now on the hall floor and in the kitchen. Items such as . . . um . . . flavored creams and honey dust. The passports, really valuable signed first editions, laptop, TV, camera, all untouched. They tried to grab the romantic paraphernalia!

I really hope there are identifiable fingerprints in the honey dust.

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