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One of my favorite podcasts to listen to while I'm bean counting at my oh so fun job is Go Bayside, in which April Richardson invites a friend over to watch an episode and then they break it down and analyze the hell out of the show. The latest guest came up with what may be my favorite theory on what the show is - he thinks Bayside is really a made up school created for Mr. Belding who is dying of a terminal illness as a Make A Wish, where he gets to run the school his way and be seen as the coolest principal ever. Another guest in the past theorized that the whole show is really in Screech's mind, wherein Zack Morris is Screech's Tyler Durden (which totally makes sense!).


So this got me thinking; what other theories can we come up with for classic TV sitcoms that generally make no sense? For instance, I think Urkel is just a manifestation of the Winslows' psychotic break after the disappearance of their youngest daughter Jamie. He's an actual neighbor, but in no way is he over as frequently as they seem to think he is. Also, Stefon Urkel is the actual Steve, but they can only accept the geeky neighbor kid in his childhood form because it's too hard to think about whatever happened to Jamie.

This got super dark. Wild speculations, go!

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